One of our 2 boats

One of our 2 boats
Can't wait to take it our next summer for the first time

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

imaginary quick write

The visual that I see that there is Halloween candy and that from the candy on the photo looks really good so hopefully that the candy inside the package looks very tasty. I think that the candy is gonna take chocolaty and is you were eating a reeses pieces cup your gonna taste peanut butter that is creamy,sweet tasting.
When your holding the piece of candy lets say chocolate and your holding it for a long time its going to melt and feel soft,sticky, if your holding a sugar piece then your fingers are going to feel rough like sand paper from the sugar onto your fingers

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Assignment #2

Hate Life (93) My #lifelesson is that be careful who you are friends with and who you date. 

? the #lifelesson is above, is that don't let people bring you down if your friends with them or if you are dating them. #comment

#romance. Valerie and Nick had that one connection with each other. When Nick killed himself Valerie was crushed because that was her one true love.

#timetravel. After Nick killed himself Valerie was going back and thinking about how their relationship and how wonderful it was and how wonderful Nick was to Valerie. #Comments

#bigidea. Don't let people bring you down after they thought they you wanted all thous people dead but you didn't want them to be killed. You just didn't like them and wanted to kick the *******ass

Posted on Creative Havoc September 16. So just re posting it 


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick Write- Happy Mother Duck

Can you write a happy ending to this? Well if you can't i sure can. Here it goes..

After the mother duck lost her baby's when they fell threw the hole but one she stops all the traffic and tries her best to get someone to help her get he baby's out after they fell threw.She finally got a human to help her get her baby's out. When she finally saw all of her baby's she took them to a little water pond and washed them off so they would be nice a clean. After she got her baby's back she was a very happy mother duck that never let her baby's out of her site again.

Quick Write #2-Haunted House

If you walk into this house to are taking your risk of walking into this house and not knowing what is gonna happen or break and fall threw the flows and a ghost appears and scares you your gonna wanna run out of the house but you won't know where to run and get out because you won't know where the door is to leave because your gonna be to scared to remember where you came in from and where the stairs are since the old broken home that you have never been to.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Six Word Memoirs

1) The words "my first love never worked out :( " fits together with my photo because the heart is broken and that represents how my heart has been broken by my very first love.
 2) I didn't really edit my photo because I liked the way it was because of the red color of the heart.
3) I used a sad face because I was very sad that the fact that he broke my heart in half.
4) The text I used was just normal font.

 1) The words " What would I do without you? <3" fits together with the photo because it's a photo of my dad and he's my world the only guy that is my first love and always be my last love. And if I ever lost him my world would end in a heart beat.
2) I edited my photo by adding dotes and sorta blurring it out a bit.
3) I added a question mark and a heart. Because I'm wondering what I do without him and the heart means that i love him.
4) I'm not really sure how the font is appropriate for the image I just really liked the font 

1) The words "Friends are all you need" fits together with the photo because if I didn't have these group of girls for friends I'd be lost without them.
2) I didn't edit this photo because why change it when the photo is already good!
3) The punctuation that I used was "!" and a heart.
4) I just used a simple font

1) The words " Graduating year 2014! Can't wait!" fit together because it's the cap colors of Sturgeon Heights Collegiate where I will be graduating in June.
2) I didn't edit the photo because there was no need because the blue,red and white finish it off.
3) The punctuation that used was "!" because it means that i'm really excited that i'm going to be graduating in June 2014.
4) I used bold font with blue outline because one of the colors that Sturgeon Heights Collegiate has is blue.

1) The words "I'm very lost without you everyday" fits together with my photo because the photo that I have is of my grandma's grave. Even thou she has been gone from my life for seven years I still miss her very much and some days I can't stand looking at her house everyday and knowing I can't go over there and see her because she's not there anymore and will never be there.
2) I didn't use any editing at all because I love the yellow,green and white flowers finish it off.
3) The punctuation that used was "! and a crying face" because every time I think about my grandma or look next door seeing her house where she used to live and knowing she's not there anymore makes me very upset.
4) I used plain black normal font because black means death and not happy. And I'm very upset that she had to be taken away from my life when I was at a very young age. 

1) The words " You are my one true love <3" fit together because my kitty is always there for me since I was seven years old. And i'd be crushed if I ever had to go and put her down.
2) I edited the photo by making it like a little foggy to bring out my kitty`s eyes..
3) I didn`t use any punctuation I only used a a heart symbol because that`s how much I love her.
4) I just used normal font nothing really special at all.
1) This photo sorta fits together with the words because there's snow and ice on the river.
2) The editing that I did to the photo was to change the color. Because the natural color was very bright so then I filtered the color.
3) I used (!) and a smiley face because I love to snowmobile and that's my life in the winter
4) The font I used was handwriting and I don't know why i used the handwriting but I really liked it                                                                                  

1) The photo fits together with the words because it is a beautiful sun set on the water when I took it on my boat
2) I didn't edit the photo because the sun set was beautiful enough that there is no need for editing.
3) I didn't used any punctuation in my photo of the sun set.
4) The font i used was handwriting because it looks good with this very beautiful sunset.