One of our 2 boats

One of our 2 boats
Can't wait to take it our next summer for the first time

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading survey

My experience in elementary school for reading was just horrible because I couldn't tell my (b's from the d's). As middle school came alone my reading got better because I couldn't see and then when I got my glasses it made my reading better because I could see what I was reading.. Then high school came along my reading got so much better after my parents made me read everything that had writing on it. And that helped me out so much. 

The best book I've read in my 16 years of life was the book The Outsiders. I really liked that book because just something about how the author wrote that book it just interested me so much.. 

When I read a book I feel very burning but then when I find a really good book that interests I will just keep reading and when I get really interested I get mad because I get really into it. 

I do not have a smart phone. But I have a android that I can use for the Internet as long as I have WiFi access. It's because my phone is only a 2 gaga bite and 2 gaga bites need WiFi access. 

I do have access to a iPod and a tablet. My iPod touch I use it for mostly music but when there is notes being taken I find it a lot easier to type on a iPod because its small enough to put it in my heads.. My tablet I use it for looking up things on the Internet because its a much bigger screen and easier to read if I'm on it a long period of time. But trying to type on the tablet it's feels so much harder. 

I do not have a kindle or a load. I have my tablet that I can read on. But if I wanted to read something I'd just like to pick up a book,magazine or news paper and read that way. 

I used to have a twitter account until I deleted it. When I had twitter I wasn't really a big fan of it because people were using twitter likes its their own diary. 

I do have a blog and my blog is called Instagram. I like using Instagram because you can post beautiful pictures that you have taken and show them off to people that follow you. When I find a funny picture on the Internet and I want people to see and share the laughter I post it on Instagram.

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